NBCTA Preventative Maintenance Inspection Program

As a Member, if you choose to use the inspection program provided by Northern B.C. Truckers’ Association, the following standards would be expected:

  • All units are to be kept to CVSE standards at all times.
  • Any questions on standards you may have should be directed to your Northern B.C. Truckers’ Association (NBCTA) Inspector, or you may choose to purchase the CVSE Inspection Manual.
  • Units should be clean for the purpose of a NBCTA Inspection.
  • Customer is to pull hubs off all trailers with electric brakes before Inspector shows up to inspect unit. If customer does not want to pull hubs for electric brake trailer, we will NOT inspect it.
  • NBCTA will NOT be Inspecting buses.
  • NBCTA cannot inspect light or out-of-service vehicles.
  • Dust cover(s) or wheel(s) must be removed prior to inspection for proper brake measurements.

Northern B.C. Truckers’ Association requests that you or your mechanic do a pre-inspection of the units prior to a NBCTA Inspection.  This would include lights, air-leaks, tires, etc.  This helps to eliminate the obvious and speed up the process, so that a re-inspection does not need to occur.

Any member who fails to comply with Northern B.C. Truckers’ Association terms and conditions or those of CVSE standards may lose the privilege of NBCTA Inspections.

NOTE: Because Northern B.C. Truckers Association is a Preventative Maintenance Program, decals are non transferable.

CVSE now allows trailers to be inspected once a year, with the exception of log and gravel trailers.  Due to the amount of off-road work and the weather conditions we face in the North, Northern B.C. Truckers’ Association would recommend that you continue to inspect all trailers twice a year.  Depending on the usage of your equipment, this option would be up to you. Pictures of some units will be taken during inspections.

Carrier is responsible for record keeping as per National Safety Code Regulations, please keep final copy of Inspection Report in all units.

Remember that to belong to the NBCTA Inspection Program is a privilege, so please maintain your units!