Proposed CVSE/RCMP Enforcement Seminar with Trevor Nettleton

Full day seminar with Trevor Nettleton covering various crucial topics to CVSE/RCMP enforcement, NSC obligation and other pertinent subjects.

The proposed Seminar will occur sometime between April 15-May 30, 2024.

Key details to consider:

There will be a cost per person, price to be determined (roughly $200.00)

The cost will include:

  • Full catered lunch and coffee/tea
  • Comprehensive seminar materials

Topics to be covered:

  • CVSE / RCMP enforcement authorities and mandates
  • Strategies and tips for disputing tickets and inspections
  • NSC obligations and records keeping requirements ( based on New August 2023 NSC Legislation)
  • The Audit process (before, during and after)
  • NSC intervention letter and CVSE enforcement practices
  • Audit-based requirements of a safety plan and preventative maintenance plan
  • Cargo securement legislation and requirements
  • Minimizing self-incrimination on NSC required documents and more
  • Clarification on other well-know laws that are often misinterpreted

Please email or call NBCTA office if this is something that you would like to attend.  Once we have feedback from members we will determine if the seminar will take place.