Changes to what is a legal Cab Protector ( Headache Rack ), on Logging Trucks, have come into effect as of Feb 01/15.

These changes were implemented by Work-Safe BC, as well as being enforced by them. Work-Safe BC has determined, after research conducted by their Engineers, that Full Aluminum Cab Protectors are no longer a proper or legal device to be used on Logging Trucks. Aluminum Racks that have the main supporting structure made of steel, are still legal.

All Cab Protectors must have a Identification Tag, marked with Manufacturers Name & Address, Serial Number & Rated Capacity of the Cab Guard. For all requirements that a Logging Cab Guard must have, go to the Worksafe BC Website. On the Home Page under Quick Links, click on the heading of OHS Regulations. In the Center of the page under Regulations, click on #26, Forestry Operations & Similar Activities. Scroll down until you find Hauling, and you will find a summary of what is required under Cab Protecter.